EPGM for all age group
EPGM for Infant / Child

EPGM (Electronic Physiogrowth Monitor) is a tool of automation right to the point of Data Generation i.e LMMC

It is a Meaningful, Accurate and Non Intrusive way to perform Growth Monitoring Activity for babies, children and adults.

EPGM offers the digitization of Beneficiary's Personal Information such as name, gender, DOB etc. along with measurement activities such as weight, height and BMI automatically with desired accuracy and Speed.

It is a ready support for LMMC to automate growth monitoring activity at a point of activity itself.

Salient features of EPGM

  • 'User Friendly' for semi literate users
  • 'Minimum keys' to operate
  • Accuracy with 'Less Human Intervention'
  • Maximum output with 'Minimum Energy'
  • 'Non Intrusive' data capturing, processing and transferring
  • Digitized Personal Information (PI) duly aligned with numeric code
  • Child tracking
  • Zonal indicators for visual alerts
  • Parent counseling
  • Obtained International Copyright for the software

Rajeshree group's EPGM is an innovative device that will lead us towards bringing our dream of malnutrition free, healthy world come true.